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An awesome part of CliffCloud’s maps.


They’ve got most of the big map providers beat out. Take for example, Mt Gretna, some diabase bouldering in Southern PA. It’s got loads of boulders that are all accessible from a bird’s nest of trails. Here’s that:

osm vs google

And anyone can make it better

The data that supports OSM is open source, so that if you have anything that could help more than just the climbing community, like a trail, river, road, fence or, as they put it, “all things real and current”, then it could very well be more useful there as opposed to CliffCloud, after all, it’ll end up on CC either way.


Getting started with OSM is fast, from sign up to actually editing the map takes about 5 minutes.

What Goes where?

A good rule of thumb: if it only helps climbers, put it on CliffCloud, and if it’d be useful to anyone, use OSM (or both!).

Add to CliffCloud
  • Parking
  • Approaches (especially climber specific ones)
  • Access Issues
  • Boulders
  • Cliffs
Add to OSM
  • Overlooks
  • Summits
  • Hiking and General Use Trails
  • Roads
  • Streams, and Rivers

OSM Resources

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